little.B X Kali Stileman

Discover how I partnered with the fantastic illustrator Kali Stileman to launch my first range of little Lampshades.

When I met Kali back in January at TOP DRAWER London, I immediately fell in love with her illustrations and paper wraps.

The sense of colours and the motifs were exactly what I was looking for to create my first collection of little Lampshades.

Kali was enthralled by my origami knowhow and so we decided to exchange some sheet of papers for some little folds and since then, I have spent many hours folding her illustrated papers with great pleasure.

Discover more about Kali with this little Q&A

1. Tell us about your little business?

Started in 2002, we are a small publishing company of 5 people…I do the illustrating, Jem, my daughter now runs the business side of things.

2. How did you start?

I went to chat to a guy called Dick Pugh, who ran a fab shop called Broughton crafts in Stockbridge (now run by Isla his daughter) he explained trade shows to me, I did Autumn Fair 2 weeks later on a stand 1m x 1.5m!

3. What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Have to say its been a lovely journey, with very few issues.

4. What inspires you?

Difficult to say, I have the next idea in my head all the time…one design naturally leads onto the next.

5. What is your favourite part in your design process/job?

I think its when the envelope of new test cards arrives and we open it up to see how the next collection is going to look.

6. What is your least favourite part in your job?

Debt collection!

7. What is your favourite product in your range?

Its always the latest thing we’ve done…at the moment it’s the new diamond and floral wraps.

8. What would be your dream collaboration?

I do a lot of licensing and its always lovely to see your designs on someone else’s products…I would like to do a children’s tableware collection.

9. Where is your happy place?

Watching the geese together they are so serene and scratching my pigs!

10. Tea or Coffee

Definitely coffee…we constantly have a pot on the go

Kali's word about her work..

"I have the next idea in my head all the time..."

Kali & Jem her daughter are genuinely the loveliest of ladies but also truly inspirational woman for how they run their little family business from their stunning home studio - I mean who would not dream to have

a space like this...


Kali's colourful and wonderful world of illustrations brings a touch of fun to any home via their illustrated cushions, wall stickers, prints, cards and much more (check Jem's jewellery as well for something unique)!

Discover more on: and on Insta: @kalistileman_publishing

I feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Kali's papers and her little universe. I hope you will like this limited collection as much as I do.... xx Marie